The 2009 EFFoST Conference – ‘New Challenges in Food Preservation’ is organized by EFFoST – the European Federation of Food Science and Technology in association with:

IUFoST International Union of Food Science Technology
KEKI Hungarian Central Food Research Institute
METE Hungarian Scientific Society for Food Industry
FISEC Food Industry Students European Council
EHEDG European Hygenic Engineering & Design Group

Conference administration is provided by Elsevier, publisher of the EFFoST affiliated journals Trends in Food Science Technology (TIFS) and Innovative Food Science and Emerging Technologies (IFSET). For further details on these and related publications visit:

Attendance at this meeting will enable to you to:

  • Learn from leading specialists about new developments in food preservation with a focus on processing, safety and sustainability.
  • Share best practice in the field of food preservation.
  • Present your latest research in the contributed poster sessions.
  • Interact and network with interdisciplinary colleagues from industry and academia to exchange ideas and experiences.



Wednesday, 11 November: Conference day one

08:00 Registration and coffee
09:00 Opening by Diбna Bбnбti – Conference Chair
09:05 Brian McKenna, President, EFFoST
09:10 Geoffrey Campbell-Platt, President, IUFoST
09:15 Opening keynote by Mr Jуzsef Grбf,
Minister of Agriculture and Regional Development, Hungary
09:30 Keynote presentation – History of Food Science & Technology
Brian McKenna, Emeritus Professor of Food Science,
University College Dublin, Ireland and President, EFFoST
09:50 Emerging Technologies
Chairs: Dietrich Knorr, Technical University of Berlin,
Germany and Antal Vйha, University of Szeged, Hungary
Application of Impulse-energy impacts in food production processes
A. Ukrayinets, Yu. Dashkovsky, V. Olishevsky, V. Vasyliv, A. Marynin,
Iaroslav Zasiadko, National University of Food Technologies, Ukraine
Applications of ultra-high pressure homogenisation
Eliane Dumay, Universitй of Montpellier 2, France
Impact of atmospheric plasma treatment on microorganisms and food
related compounds
Oliver Schlьter, Leibniz Institute for Agricultural Engineering
Postdam-Bornim, Germany
Food Nanoscience: A roadmap towards self-assembled food
Eyal Shimoni, Israel Institute of Technology, Israel
Pulsed Electric Field Assisted Extraction from Food Plants:
Recent Developments
Eugene Vorobiev, Universitй de Technologie de Compiйgne,
HighTechEurope – why, what and how?
Kolja Knof, ttz Bremerhaven, Germany
12:50 Lunch break and poster viewing
14:10 Improved Traditional Processes
Chairs: Kostadin Fikiin, Technical University of Sofia,
Bulgaria and Lilia Ahrnй, SIK, Sweden
Keynote Presentation: Combination of emerging and traditional food processes
Dietrich Knorr, Technical University of Berlin, Germany
Microbial starters for improved fermented meats
Fidel Toldra, Instituto de Agroquнmica y Tecnologнa
de Alimentos (CSIC), Spain
An approach to water migration phenomena in cellular foods
Pedro Fito, Universidad Politйcnica de Valencia, Spain
Electrofreezing; a review on the potential interest of electric field
during food freezing
Alain Le Bail, ENITIAA-UMR, France
15:50 Coffee break
16:10 Challenges in Process Control (including packaging)
Chair: Csaba Balla, Corvinus University, Hungary
Challenges in Packaging: the use of materials from renewable resources
and their implications for processing and properties
Salvatore Iannace, Institute of Composite and Biomedical Materials, Italy
Indicator Systems for Thermal and High Pressure Thermal Process Impact Evaluation
Marc Hendrickx, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium
Challenges in process control: intelligent, adaptable, robust and easy-to-use hybrids
Antonio Delgado, Friedrich Alexander Universitдt Erlangen-Nьrnberg, Germany
Automatic Control and Optimisation of Food Processes
Gilles Trystram, UMR GenIAI – INRA, France
Special Lecture: History and Future of Food Irradiation
Josef Farkas, academician, scientific advisor in Central Food Research Institute,
Hungary, (professor emeritus at Corvinus University)
18.00 Welcome Reception

Thursday, 12 November: Conference Day Two

08:30 Keynote presentation – Food Safety and Food Security
V. Prakash, Director, Central Food Technological Research
Institute, India
08:50 Emerging Pathogens Chairs: Geoffrey Campbell-Platt, IUFoST,
United Kingdom and Servé Notermans, Foundation Food
Micro & Innovation, The Netherlands
Emerging food-borne pathogens – new challenges
Claudia Stein, World Health Organisation, Switzerland
Rapid detection of food bacterial contaminants by a combined
immunomagnetic – ATP bioluminescence or PCR-based method
Oxana Rybalchenko, Research Institute of Highly Pure Biopreparations,
Tracing antimicrobial resistance in the food chain: Case Campylobacter
Sonja Smole Mozina, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
Development of innovative molecular detection methods for emerging pathogens
Martin Wagner, Veterinärmedizinischen Universität Wien, Austria
10:10 Coffee break
10:30 Challenges in Risk Assessment and Consumer Perception
Chairs: Eva Gelencser, KÉKI, Hungary and Wolfgang Kneifel, BOKU, Austria
Food safety alert systems
Rhodri Evans, Food Safety Authority of Ireland, Ireland
Consumers and new technologies
Josephine Wills, EUFIC, Belgium
Contaminants as an important international trade barrier
in developing countries
Hamid Ezzatpanah, Islamic Azad University, Iran
Microbiological Risk Assessment and its Use in Food Safety Management
Lucia Anelich, Consumer Goods Council of South Africa, South Africa
Risk and benefit analyses of natural foods
Bernhard Watzl, Max Rubner-Institute of Nutrition and Food, Germany
Consumer Acceptance of Novel Processed Food
Nina Veflen Olsen, Nofima Food, Norway
Consumer response to food scandals and scares
Diána Bánáti, CFRI, Hungary
12:50 Lunch and poster viewing
14:30 Hygienic Design and Processing
Chairs: Karel Mager, Givaudan, The Netherlands and Gábor Szabó,
University of Szeged, Hungary
Hygienic design principles
Monica Talpau, Kraft Foods, Romania
Hygienic engineering in dry material handling process vs. liquid processes
Karel Mager, Givaudan, The Netherlands
Integration of hygienic and aseptic systems
Roland Cocker, Cocker Consulting, Ireland
Hygienic and safety requirements for food factory flooring
Brigitte Carpentier, AFSSA, France
The use of Stainless Steel in the food industry
Eric Partington, Nickel Institute, United Kingdom
16:10 Coffee break
16:30 Water and benefits of additives, processing & packaging Chairs: Iaroslav Zasyadko,
National University of Food Technologies, Ukraine and Mark Shamtsyan,
St. Petersburg State Institute of Technology, Russia
Keynote Presentation – Innovative technologies for pure and safe water
Gert-Jan Euverink, Wetsus, The Netherlands
Water in the Danube
Maria Fürhacker, BOKU University, Austria
Water accounting: virtual water transfers and water footprints
Maite Aldaya, University of Twente, The Netherlands
The benefits of processing and packaging
Kata Galic, University of Zagreb, Croatia
17.50 Close
19.30 Gala Dinner

Friday, 13 November: Conference Day Three

08:00 Keynote presentation: Sustainable Futures
Thomas Ohlsson, Sweden
08:20 Sustainable Products Chairs: Keith Waldron, Institute of
Food Research, United Kingdom and Lucia Anelich, Consumer
Goods Council of South Africa, South Africa
Sustainable food labelling
David Barling, City University, United Kingdom
Environmental labelling – how is it conceived by consumers?
Anders Biel, Göteborg University, Sweden
Future protein supply
Harry Aiking, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Sustainable seafood from aquaculture – challenges and opportunities
Trygve Berg Lea, Skretting, Norway
LCA – Concepts and use in the food chain
Ulf Sonesson, SIK, Sweden
10:00 Coffee break
10:20 Sustainable Processes
Chairs: Ulf Sonesson, SIK, Sweden and Luis Fernandez, President-Elect, IUFoST
Upgrading of food by-products into valuable components
Keith Waldron, Institute of Food Research, United Kingdom
Efficiency and environment – A food chain approach
Karin Östergren, SIK, Sweden
Biorefineries as a part in a sustainable food future
Birgit Kamm, Research Institute of Bioactive Polymer Systems E.V., Germany
A sustainable cold chain technology for storing renewable energy in refrigerated
warehouses and its implications on food quality
Kostadin Fikiin, Technical University of Sofia, Bulgaria
11:40 Closing ceremony – Brian McKenna
Gunnar Sigge, SAAFoST – The 2010 IUFoST Congress in Cape Town, South Africa
Announcement of next conference

Saturday, 14 November

Harmonizing Genetic Toxicology Testing: Application of Short-Term Cytogenetic Assays

This one day course offers a wonderful opportunity to become familiar with the general scope and aims of genetic toxicology, and will offer a technical hands-on portion which will acquaint participants with two established cytogenetic assays that are applicable for both basic as well as applied science research programs.