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Ime firme: Balkan sylex

Oblast delatnosti: Proizvodnja ploča, listova, cevi i profila od plastičnih masa
PIB: 104587379
Matični broj: 20193506
Šifra delatnosti: 25210


  • Nova Pazova, Industrijska zona bb
  • Tel: +381 22 328018, +381 22 328157
  • Fax: +381 22 328857
  • E-mail:  info@sylex.eu

Sajt: www.sylex.eu

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Barrier Films: : Aluminium coated for many packaging and non-packaging barrier products .
Clear Barrier film: dielectric coatings are transparent barrier layers used mainly in food and medical packaging structures. They prevent moisture and gas permeation through the substrate while allowing the product view. In addition, they are suitable for microwavable packaging and can withstand retorting and sterilization (Crystallite).
Decoration films, including Holographic
Selective metallized films (Sylflex®): the integration of the Flexomet® technology in the metallizer  allows to reproduce different patterns and graphics on the metallized substrate.
Clothing and technical materials: made of metallized woven or no-woven textiles.
Insulating Panels for Energy saving
Environmental impact: it is important to note that environmental legislation classifies metallized film as mono-materials.

Opis firme:

Sylex is a group of companies specializing in vacuum coated films. It was founded in 2006 by Italian entrepreneurs with a long background in this industry. Sylex’s business plan includes several independent production units, the first one being operational in the Belgrade (Serbia) area.
Sylex is committed to serve its markets with a broad offer of vacuum coated substrates including aluminum metallized films (both commodity and high barrier) as well as other specialty products.
This commitment is supported by the use of the latest production equipment and by the technical competence of its personnel having over forty years of combined experience in vacuum coating and converting technology.