Dear Colleagues,

This is the 2nd announcement of the 6th INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM ON HIGH PRESSURE PROCESSES TECHNOLOGY, to be held from 8-11 September 2013, in Belgrade, Serbia which is organized by the European Federation of Chemical Engineering (EFCE) and Association of Chemical Engineers of Serbia.

High pressure processes technology increasingly faces new opportunities in transferring advances in science to technology beneficial to mankind. The 6th ISHPPT will assess the impact of rapid changes in science on the practice of chemical engineering in the development of novel and improvement of existing processes.

Several plenary lectures will be delivered by:

· Bala Subramanian, University os Kansas, Kansas, USA “The role of high pressure processes as enablers of sustainable technology alternatives”
· Siro Saka, Kyoto University, Graduate School of Energy Science, Kyoto, JAPAN „High pressure/temperature treatment to produce biodiesel and bioethanol“

as well as the key note lectures delivered by:

· Sabine Beuermann, Technical University in Clausthal, Germany
· K. Byrappa, University of Mysore, India
· Maria Coccero, University of Valadolid, Spain
· Zeljko Knez, University of Maribor, Slovenia
· Rudolf von Rohr, ETH, Zurich, Switzerland
· Carl Schaschke, University of Strathclyde Engineering, United Kingdom
· Eberhard Schlucker, IPA- Erlangen, Germany

Continuing the successful tradition of previously organized symposia with such thematics all the plenary and key-note lecturers will review the most interesting topics of advanced supercritical processes, the biofuels synthesis at high pressure, processes of precipitation and particle generation at high pressure, chemical reaction at high pressure, polymer processing, high pressure systems and equipments, food treatmant at high pressure and CFD and FEM simulation of processes realized under high pressure. We belive that these plenary and key-note lecturers will be of interest for many participants who are going to decide and take part of their time and money being in Belgrade this September together with many colleagues working on R&D of high pressure processes.

We are expecting that several hunderds of participants from wide range of research fields will meet in Belgrade and discuss ideas, solutions and future issues related to the problems of development sustainable processes, realization of new routes for different materials synthesis, as well as for production of food using green processes. The list of sponsors and companies which is already anounced their presence in Belgrade is also key point for success of 6 International Symposium of High Pressure Process Technology.

Important dates

· Deadline for abstract submission – March 15, 2013
· Deadline for submission of full text – May 1, 2013
· Decission of the reviewers and their commenting – June 10, 2013
· Submission of final reviewed paper – July 15, 2013
· Deadline for „last minute“ abstract submission for Poster Presentation – July 25 2013
· Deadline for payment of the early registration fees – August 1, 2013
· Decission of the reviewers and their commenting for „last minute“ abstract submission – August 10, 2013
· Deadline for payment of the registration fees for „last minute“ submission – August 20, 2013

The last and 3rd anouncment of our activities related to realization of this Symposium will be prepared for the end of June.

Prof. Dr. Eberhard Schlűcker
President of the Scientific Committee

Prof. Dr. Dejan Skala
President of the Organizing Committee


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11000 Belgrade, Serbia

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