Abstract Deadline:Extended to 23 February 2012
Abstract Acceptance Notification:24 February 2012
Full Paper Deadline: Extended to 15 March 2012
Acceptance Paper notification :30 March 2012
Early Bird Deadline:15 April 2012

International Conference on Green Technology & Ecosystems for Global Sustainable Development 2012 is organized by collaborative partnership between Centre for Earth Resources Research & Management (CERRM), University Malaysia Pahang (UMP), University of Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Malaysian Embassy in Bosnia and Herzegovina. This conference aims to provide discussion, sharing ideas and brainstorming among expertise and researchers in Malaysia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and international participants in order to enhance research and encourage innovation in green technology and sustainable development. Outcome from this conference could provide a holistic impact on development of Bosnia and Herzegovina who are now actively focusing on their country development after out of the war 15 years ago.

The objective of the conference was as follows:

Sharing information and ideas brainstorming among professionals from Malaysia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and international participant’s about recent research and innovation in green technology.
Enhancing continuous cooperation in efficient and effective way to promote latest research and innovation between researchers within and outside the country
Introducing technology and ideas regarding on green technology & ecosystems to Bosnia and Herzegovina in order to be used as basic framework of their country development.

Instruction for Authors

The Full Papers manuscript not exceeding 3000 words.

Manuscript Preparation
Manuscript should be prepared strictly as per guidelines given below.
Manuscript should contain the Title followed by Author(s) name(s), Author(s) affiliations, Abstract (about 200 words), 4-5 Key words and Text proper.
Title should be concised and typed in single column
Abstract should be in single column and indicate the significant findings with data / data-range and conclusions of the paper.
Keywords should be in single column and adequately index the subject matter.
Text proper should be typed in single column, double space and subdivided into sections: Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results and Discussion, Acknowledgements and References/Bibliographies.

Introduction should include precisely the aims of the study. It should be as concise as possible with no sub headings. Exhaustive reviewing of literature should be avoided, only necessary and latest ones which are required to indicate the reason for the research undertaken and the essential background should be given.

Materials and Methods should be sufficiently detailed to enable the experiments to be reproduced. The techniques and methodology adopted should be supported with standard references.

Results and Discussion should be either combined or separated. Results may be split into sub headings. Data emerging out from the study should be included, arranged in the unified and coherent sequence and should be statistically analyzed. The same data should not be presented both in Tabular and Graphic forms. Only necessary tables and figures should be given. Long confused and irrelevant discussion should be scrupulously avoided. It should deal with interpretations and the conclusions drawn, based on results and supported by relevant references.
Repetition of data, statements and expressions should be curtailed.

Acknowledgement should include the names of those who contributed substantially to the work described in the manuscript but do not fulfill the requirements for the authorship. It should also include sponsored / funding agency of the project of which the work described is a part.

References/Bibliographies should be cited in the Text by the surname of the author(s), and the year. In case of more than two authors, surname of the first author followed by et al., and the year should be cited in the text. References in languages other than English must be referred to by an English translation. In the list of references/bibliographies at the end of the paper, full and complete references/bibliographies should be given in the following style and punctuation, arranged alphabetically by first author’s surname.

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